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Business School
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Business School

The Business school of Minnan Normal University was established on February, 2015 by combining former School of Economics and School of Management, and absorbing some majors from the former Department of History and Social Development and Overseas Education School.

The disciplines of the B-School cover economics and management. In the B-School, there are about 2600 undergraduates specializing in the following 10 full-time majors: Economics, International Economics and Trade, Economic Statistics, Economics and Finance, Tourism Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, International Business, and Digital Economy. In addition, the B-School establishes joint bachelor-confer programs with Taiwan in two majors: Economics, International Economics and Trade. Marketing major was approved as provincial first-class undergraduate program construction point, and International Economics and Trade was selected as university-level first-class undergraduate construction point. In 2021, it obtained the qualification of enrolling Master of Tourism Management (MTA).

Now the B-School employs 114 faculty members, among whom 96 are full-time teachers. 55.21% of them have senior professional titles including 19 professors and 34 associate professors. There are 56 PhDs and 8 PhD candidates, accounting for 66.7%.

Now, the school is equipped with Analysis and Application Laboratory of Fujian Business Big Data (one of the key labs of Universities in Fujian Province) and Experiment and Training Center of Economic and Management. Economy and management experiment center is composed of various experimental and training platforms, such as financial virtual simulation lab, financial management lab, ERP simulation sand table lab, 3D imaging guide training rooms, lab of international business negotiation and case analysis, behavior observation labs, cross-border business training base, tourism services and management training center (innovation entrepreneurship base of For Fine Life). It also has six university-level research platforms, including Regional Economy Research Institute, Human Resources Research Institute, Zhangzhou Culture and Tourism Research Center, Zhangzhou Financial Performance Management Research Center, Modern Industry Research Center and Zhangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Research Center. In addition, two university-level platforms are available: Public Relations and Business Etiquette Center, Survey and Data Research Center, as well as many other institutions, such as national vocational skills appraisal station, tourism management personnel training center of Zhangzhou, import and export training base of Fujian province.