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School of Law
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School of Law

The School of Law enrolls more than 275 undergraduate students per year (1100 in total) specializing in Law, Social Work, Politics and Public Administration. The school also offers 2 master’s degree programs: Marxism Law and Social Work,recruiting more than 40 postgraduates per year. The faculty currently consist of 55 full-time teachers, including 5 professors, 16 associate professors and 19PhDs, 6 of whom are from Taiwan Province. In recent years, the school of law has undertaken 5 national research projects together with 30 provincial or ministerial projects, and published more than 30 research works or textbooks. A bunch of outstanding professors and scholars from other top universities in China have been employed as lecturing professors in the school. Social Work and Law have been officially assessed as first-class undergraduate programs in Fujian Province.

The school of law is refining its major orientation, fostering innovative academic teams and expanding the overall influence of its majors,upholding the core idea of comprehensive planning, highlighting the key points and strengthening the characteristics. At present, the school spares no effort to apply for the third master’s degree program.Through programs that combine learning and practice such as legal clinics, double mentor, legal aid practice, legal sitcoms or exhibition, the school has greatly innovated the training mode and improved the quality of professional training, which has been widely recognized and praised by all walks of life.Moreover,the school has established 2special training classes: an experimental class for outstanding legal talents and an experimental class for outstanding pension talents, which focus on cultivating top students’ cross-major research capacities. The school has been well recognized as one of the best law schools for its high passing rate (40.56% in average) in China’s Unified qualification Exam for Legal Professions during recent 10 years, comparing to the national statistic (18% or so).The employment rate of graduates in the school remains stable as above 95% for years.

The school of law also emphasizes on the achievement of serving the society by means of expanding all sorts of horizontal research projects and co-operations. In addition, it has making every effort to establish an integratedhigh-level academic think tank on the basis of current 2 research institutes (i.e. Zhangzhou Research Center for the Rule of Law, Strategic Research Institute for Rural Revitalization). The school of law aims to build an interdisciplinary and multi-professional research team, offering first class academic research and social service in legislation, public policy making, rural revitalization strategy for relevant local government departments. The general academic influence andsocial reputation of the school of law are rising steadily.

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