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School of Mathematics and Statistics
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School of Mathematics and Statistics

The School of Mathematics and Statistics (SMS) of Minnan Normal University (MNNU) began to enroll students as early as 1958. SMS currently has a faculty of 69, including 53 having doctoral degrees,28 professors and21 associate professors. Among the teachers, there are 7 doctoral supervisors, 1 Middle-aged Expert with Prominent Contribution to Nation,1 member of the National Advisory Committee on Teaching Mathematics to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, 4 people enjoying the State Council Special Allowance,2 Outstanding Teachers of Fujian Province,1 provincial key discipline leader,2Minjiang Distinguished Professors,2 Distinguished Young Scholar of Fujian Province and1 Middle-aged Expert in the “Eyas Plan” of Fujian. The SMS has invited an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as chair professor and 11 renowned professors, including 4 foreigners as Minjiang Distinguished Chair Professors.

SMS currently has an enrollment of 1,500 undergraduates. It offers 5bachelor’s degree programs, namely Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Teacher Education), Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Finance), Information and Computing Science, Statistics and Applied Statistics, and Data Computing and Application. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is the National Experimental Reform Major, and Special Major of Fujian institution of higher education. It ranked third in Fujian major evaluation in 2016. In 2019, it became the construction site of National First-class Undergraduate Program and obtained level II certification in middle-school mathematics of normal majors in institution of higher education of Ministry of Education. In 2021, Statistics was selected as the first-class undergraduate major construction site in Fujian Province in 2021. Applied Statistics is the Experimental Reform Major of Creative and Entrepreneurship Education in Fujian institution of higher education. SMS has one experimental teaching demonstration center (Fujian Mathematical Experiment Teaching Center), three provincial teaching teams on foundation courses of Mathematics, core courses of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Mathematical Analysis as MOOC form, respectively, one provincial innovation experimental zone of talent training pattern (Major in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics). There are 1 National First-class Undergraduate Course (Topology) , 6 Provincial First-class Undergraduate Courses (Mathematical Analysis, Well-known Ancient Mathematicians in Fujian, Higher Algebra, Probability Theory, Math Teaching Theory, Mathematical Analysis I), and 4 Fujian Excellent Courses (Mathematical Analysis, Higher Algebra, Higher Mathematics, Point Set Topology ). SMS has undertaken 3 national projects, 1 provincial major project, and 9 provincial projects on education reform. In addition, it has won the Second Prize of Fujian Provincial Teaching Achievement Award twice since 2017.

SMS researchers have achieved prominent results in topology and its application, uncertainty theory and its application, complex system modeling and control, and combinatorial graph. In recent years, it has undertaken 25projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 4 projects of National Social Science Foundation of China and more than 60 provincial research projects. The total amount of research funds exceeded 10 million yuan (RMB). More than 500 papers (more than 240 of them were indexed by SCI and EI) and 9 research monographs have been published.

SMS has 1 discipline authorized to offer master degree program, i.e. Mathematics (including 6 directions in Pure Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Operational Research and Cybernetics, Mathematical Economy and Mathematical Finance),and 2professional master degree programs, i.e. Applied Statistics and Education(Mathematics direction). There are two provincial master supervisor teams (Operational Research and Cybernetics and Education in Mathematics) and one provincial innovation base for the graduate students in Mathematics. SMS has two key laboratories (Fujian Key Laboratory of Granular Computing and Applications and Fujian Key Laboratory of Data Science and Statistics) and one research institute (Institute of Meteorological Big Data-Digital Fujian). since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of Minnan Normal University, Mathematics has been the Key Discipline, the First-class Discipline (Plateau Discipline in Mathematics) and Doctoral Program Cultivation and Construction Discipline in Fujian Province.

(Data as of July, 2022)