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School of Arts
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School of Arts

The School of Arts started in 2004 when the educational musicology department began to recruit undergraduate students. The school was not formally founded until November 2006.Over the years since its establishment, it has grown with better instructional facilities and expanding faculties. Among 63 faculty members, there are six professors, eighteen associate professors and seventeen lecturers, who graduated from various art colleges or academies from home and abroad. The school has reasonable arrangement of academic disciplines and the faculty members of different age groups with refined tastes of arts and valuable teaching experiences. Therefore, it boasts a strong teaching echelon with great potentials for development.

The School of Arts attaches priority to art cultivation and practice in its education. With optimized curricula of all the courses it offers, it emphasizes the key value of originality with an aim of cultivating high-quality students of strong abilities. Proceeding from the difference in the courses and instructional contents, a great variety of methods and means have been applied in the teaching process. The faculty members put emphasis on explicating and promptness in their instructions, encouraging students to develop the value of originality and excellence in both art and moral standards. In terms of academic research, the faculty members prove to be active and fruitful, yielding a culmination of hundreds of publication of research papers funded by research projects of different levels, as well as some award-winning papers or creation of artworks in various art events and competitions.

With a full possession of quality facilities for instructions, the School of Arts which has the Department of Music and Choreography as well as the Department of Fine Arts and Designs, offering four disciplines, namely Musicology (Teacher Education), Musicology, Fine Arts and Public Arts. In terms of the education of students, academic research and social practices, it has achieved abundant fruits, especially in recent years. It takes initiatives to offer art education with local features of South Fujian Province which promotes the art exchanges across the Taiwan Straits. It plays a successful role in developing the art and cultural heritages of Fujian and Taiwan provinces, with its outstanding results in the study of folk dance arts in Fujian and Taiwan, Kimkua performance (a local style chamber music performance), Kua-ah-hi opera (an opera in local dialect of South Fujian which is also popular in Taiwan Province) as well as the art of paper cutting in south Fujian Province. It takes the lead in the research of this area in the entre province, which earns a remarkable niche and influence in the academic circle of choreography nationwide. Therefore we claim these fruits in art research and education to be the pride of the School of Arts of Minnan Normal University.