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School of Marxism
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School of Marxism

Minnan Normal University, a key construction university in Fujian Province, is located in Zhangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city. The School of Marxism was established in January 2012, which was formerly the Department of Political Education after the Cultural Revolution. It has successively been the Department of Political Economy and the Department of Political Law. In 2018, the school was designated as the key School of Marxism of the Education Work Committee of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, and in 2020, it was awarded the Fujian Provincial Marxism Science Popularization Base.

The school is mainly responsible for the teaching of ideological and political science in the whole school, as well as the training and discipline construction of undergraduate students majoring in ideological and political education and master students majoring in Marxist theory. In 2021, it has 1 discipline authorized to offer master degree program, and now it has secondary disciplines to offer master's degree program such as the Basic Principles of Marxism, Research on the Sinicization of Marxism, Ideological and Political Education, and Subject-based Pedagogy (Ideological Politics). It also has research institutions such as the Gu Wenchang Spirit Research Center.

The school pays attention to the construction of the teaching team.There are 68 faculty members, including 57 full-time teachers, among which there are 16 professors (including 1 Level-2 Professor, Professors in China fall into 4 levels), 19 associate professors, 25 teachers with doctoral degrees, and 5 doctoral students. A number of teachers have been awarded the titles of Expert of the Theoretical Publicity Expert Database of the Publicity Department of Fujian Province, the New Century Excellent Talent Program of the Provincial Colleges and Universities, the Leading Famous Teacher of the Provincial Colleges and Universities Ideological and Political Science Teaching Studio, the Provincial Colleges and Universities Ideological and Political Jieqing, the Provincial May Day Pioneer, the Provincial Backbone of the Ideological and Political Work of the Provincial Colleges and Universities, and the Provincial Famous Teacher of Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities.

The school aims to cultivate talents. The ideological and political education began to enroll students in 1994.The first undergraduate graduating class won the honorary title of national outstanding class collective pacesetter. ZhengYulan, a graduate of the class of 2003, working as a volunteer teacher in Ningxia, was received by state leaders for her distinguished performance. A number of outstanding alumni were awarded the national outstanding teacher, national merit students, the grand prize of the first College Ideological and Political Theory Class Teaching Demonstration Competition, and the young backbone of the ideological and political work in the Ministry of Education. In the past six years, a total of 199 graduate students have been admitted. The rate of admission to postgraduate entrance examination remains between 30% and 50%, ranking first in the university for many years. Students have won more than 10 team awards and more than 50 individual awards in national, provincial and municipal competitions.

The school actively promotes reform and innovation.It focuses on utilizing local red resources, such as Gutian Conference Memorial Hall, the “Chairman Mao led the Red Army to conquer the Zhangzhou” Memorial Hall, and the Gu Wenchang Memorial Hall, and promoting local red culture into the classroom, into practice, into scientific research. It has won 1 first prize and 3 second prizes for Outstanding Teaching Achievements in Fujian Province, participated in and won 1 second prize for National Outstanding Teaching Achievements. The ideological and political education major has been awarded the provincial first-class program construction point. At the same time, it has been approved 6 provincial first-class undergraduate courses and 13 first-class undergraduate courses of the university. The reform measures and achievements have been reported by XuexiQiangguo, Peoples Network, China News, China Education Journal and other media for many times.

The school attaches great importance to scientific research and academic work.In recent years, the faculty has presided over more than 130 projects at all levels, including 7 national projects (including 1 national social science key project), 4 projects of the Ministry of Education (including 1 key topic). 1 teacher's thesis has received important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping. The school has jointly held the 12th Socialist Forum with Chinese Characteristics with the Red Flag Manuscript and the Guide to Ideological Theory Education; jointly held Gu Wenchang Spiritual Academic Seminar with the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences for 6 consecutive years; and held more than 90 sessions of "China Economic Forum" and "Traditional Culture and Core Values Lecture Hall".

New ideas lead the new era, and new goals start a new journey. The school will continue to be guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, implement the fundamental task of promoting morality and cultivating talents, adhere to the development of connotation, highlight the characteristic brand, and build the college into an important position for disseminating and researching Marxist theory, which has a certain influence on domestic counterparts and universities in the province.