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School of Physical Education
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School of Physical Education

The establishment of the School of Physical Education (SPE) of Minnan Normal University (MNNU) is on the basis of the Department of Physical Education of Zhangzhou Normal University (later renamed as Minnan Normal University). Since the department’s inception in 2001, the school has insisted on the path of cultivating sports talents with special characteristics, and taking the services for local economy and social development as its pursuit, thus forming a new talent training pattern featuring “a solid academic foundation, all-round development, emphasis on practice and strong skills". Through “grasping the source, and emphasizing competition, services and security”, the essence of national traditional sports culture is creatively introduced into the cultivation practice of colleges and universities, and integrated into the comprehensive reform of training pattern for sports professionals. We strictly observes the principle of “taking undergraduate education as the foundation, and following four returns proposed by the Ministry of Education”, so that a batch of “compound” and “application-oriented” talents who have the ability to work, a foundation for further study, a strong engine for development, innovative spirit, good humanities, scientific quality and social responsibility, will become the elites of the industry and pillars of our country!

The school has athletic fields, swimming pools, ball gyms, table tennis rooms, gymnastics rooms, martial arts fields and other sports venues, covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters. It also houses laboratories for diverse functions, such as sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports health care, physical fitness and functional evaluation, sports psychology, with a total area of 406 square meters. In addition, the total value of experimental equipment is 1.9 million yuan, with more than 40 experimental projects.

SPE comprises 74 faculty members that include 62 full-time teachers and 12 administrative and teaching support staff. The full-time teachers are composed of 9 professors, 19 associate professors, 53 teachers with master's degrees or above, including 14 teachers with doctoral degrees (2 are doctoral students). Among them, teachers with high degrees and senior professional titles account for 67.74%.In the past five years, teachers of SPE have published 119 academic papers, including 20 in core journals or above, and 5 monographs; have presided 38 vertical research projects, including 1 at national level, 11 at provincial and ministerial level, and 8 horizontal projects.

We offer two undergraduate programs which are Physical Education and Social Sports Management, and enroll graduate students with a Master's degree in Education (Subject Teaching • Physical Education). We have roughly 870 full-time graduate and undergraduate students currently. In recent years, the first-choice acceptance rate for undergraduate enrollment has reached 100%, and the employment rate has exceeded 99%.

In 2019, we began to recruit undergraduate students of heavy caliber, and set up a new modular curriculum system of “university-wide general courses + disciplinary general courses + professional development courses + open optional courses”, under the principle of “a solid foundation and all-round development". Students will be trained according to the unified platform in the first academic year after enrollment, and will be split at the end of the first academic year; in the second academic year, they will be trained by majors. Besides, they will be split into two majors: Physical Education (Teacher Education) and Social Sports Management in an open, fair and just manner according to the principle of “respecting choices and selecting the best" and the ranking order of students' performance.