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School of Computer Science
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School of Computer Science

The computer discipline of Minnan Normal University started early. In 1981, under the guidance of Academician Gao Qingshi, the school set up a software research institute and participated in the research of the 863 project sub-project "Intelligent English-Chinese Machine Translation System IMT/EC-863", which laid the foundation for the development of the discipline. The Department of Computer Science was established in 2001, renamed as Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2006, and renamed as School of Computer Science in 2014.

There are more than 1600 full-time undergraduates and nearly 200 graduate students in the school. It has a well-structured and high level teaching and research team, and many of them have been awarded the titles of Fujian Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents, Fujian High Level Talents, Fujian Teaching Master, Fujian Excellent Communist Party Member, Fujian Excellent Teacher, Fujian New Century Excellent Talents, Fujian Outstanding Young Research Talents, etc.

The school now has the authorization points of master's degree in computer application technology and electronic information. It also has the key laboratory of "Granular Computing and its Application" in Fujian Province, "Data Science and Intelligent Application" in Fujian Province, "Research on Key Problems of Granular Computing" in Fujian Province, together with Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Team, Fujian Provincial Professional Degree Graduate Mentor Team and other innovation platforms. In the past five years, it has undertaken more than 200 projects at the National Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial and municipal levels, and the accumulated research funding is nearly RMB 20 million.

The school currently has five undergraduate programs: Computer Science and Technology, Data Science and Big Data Technology, Network Engineering, Software Engineering and Internet of Things Engineering. The "Computer Science and Technology" has been awarded the national first-class undergraduate program construction point, the provincial first-class undergraduate program, provincial characteristic specialty, and “Pilot Program of Comprehensive Specialty Reform” for Undergraduate Universities in Fujian Province. The major of "Software Engineering" has been awarded as a provincial experimental project of software engineering personnel training mode innovation in Fujian Province; the major of "Network Engineering" has been awarded the provincial specialty programs in service industry. The school has won a number of major education reform projects in Fujian Province, provincial first-class courses, provincial teaching teams and provincial excellent courses, and won the second prize of Fujian Provincial Teaching Achievement Award for General Higher Education for two consecutive sessions in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Welcome all experts to join the School of Computer Science, and welcome all young talents to apply for the School of Computer Science!