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School of Education and Psychology
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The School of Education and Psychology adheres to the idea of "based on teacher preparation, geared to the needs of society, strengthening creativity, focusing on the application". The school insists on being based in southern Fujian Province, facing Fujian Province and radiating the whole country. It also responds to the latest needs of regional economic and social development, basic education reform and teacher construction. The primary objective of the school is to cultivate qualified teachers with all-round development, high comprehensive quality and practical ability for basic education, and build a professional training system with multi-level disciplines from undergraduate to graduate level.

The school has a 10-year history in undergraduate education and more than 8-year history in graduate education. Programs offered in this school also lead to the degrees such as Master of Arts in Psychology (including 3 sub-disciplines Developmental and Educational Psychology, Basic Psychology and Applied Psychology), Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction (including Curriculum and Instruction Theory, Curriculum Reform and Teacher Development, and Modern Education Technology), Master of Education (Ed. M) (including Modern Education Technology, Primary Education, Preschool Education, and Education Administration), Bachelor of Arts in the following four disciplines such as Ordinary Higher Education Technology, Primary Education, Preschool Education, Psychology. Among them, Psychology is the national first-class undergraduate program and the construction point of the first-class undergraduate program in Fujian Province. It has the first batch of national first-class courses under the line, and 5 various first-class courses in Fujian Province.

Currently, there are 95 faculty members, 72 full-time teachers, including 15 professors, 26 with associate senior titles, 35 PhDs, 5 PhD candidates, 39 master's supervisors, and 33 double-position teachers. Among them, there are 2 "Minjiang Scholar" chair professors. There are 1739 full-time students, including 1438 undergraduates and 301 postgraduates.

The School of Education and Psychology faculty members are engaged in research and scholarly projects in the fields of Applied Psychology, Basic Education and Teacher Education. The school houses three research institutions: Applied Psychology Institute, Education Science Research Institute, and the Psychological Consulting Center. It is also home to one provincial key discipline (Psychology), one provincial key laboratory (Personal and Cognitive Psychology Key Laboratory), one university-level platform of research and innovation (Institute of Applied Psychology Research), one university-level key discipline (Curriculum and Instruction) which covers all normal disciplines of the whole university and plays an important role in improving the teachers' professional development. In addition, the school publishes the academic journal Teaching Research.

The school has developed its characteristics in the subject areas of regional rural teacher development, family growth education, educational supervision, care and education for left-behind children, and autism diagnosis, treatment and education. In recent years, it has won 1 second prize of the National Basic Education Teaching Achievement Award, 1 second prize of the National Education Professional Degree Graduate Education Achievement Award, 2 special prizes of Fujian Province Teaching Achievement Award, 1 first prize and 2 second prizes of Fujian Province Teaching Achievement Award. In addition, it has obtained 8 national scientific research projects, 29 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, 34 national invention patents, and 3 third prizes of Fujian Province Social Science Excellent Achievement Award.