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College of Continuing Education
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College of Continuing Education

The College of Continuing Education of Minnan Normal University is an institution of Minnan Normal University specially responsible for adult continuing education, providing both diploma and non-diploma education and training. Relying on the strong faculty team, and teaching and scientific research resources of Minnan Normal University, the college is committed to talent training for national economic and social development, meeting the strategic goal of enhancing national strength with talented people.

The college has always adhered to the concept of "Advancement, Innovation, Professionalism, and Sharing", meeting the needs of different learners, constantly improving the quality and effectiveness of the education system. It has been officially recognized as the "Provincial Training Base for Principals of Primary and Secondary Schools and Education Management Cadres in Fujian Province", "Fujian Province Continuing Education Base" and "Fujian Provincial Civil Servant Training Base".

The college has incorporated high-quality education resources in many ways. It has cooperated with Xiamen University, Southwest University and other well-known universities to implement continuing education programs, and reached cooperation and co-construction agreements with county and district education bureaus and teacher training schools in the cities of Zhangzhou, Sanming, and Longyan, gradually forming a win-win continuing education model of school-local and school-school cooperation.

At present, the college has 25 correspondence undergraduate programs, 5 post-junior-college self-study examination programs and 14 self-study examination undergraduate "second-degree" programs, forming a multi-disciplinary, multi-level and multi-standard education mode. Over the past decade, it has trained more than 20,000 undergraduate and junior-college graduates, and nearly 10,000 trainees have obtained self-taught undergraduate and junior college diplomas.

The college has carried out the "National Training Program for Primary and Secondary School Teachers", and training programs for Provincial and Municipal Primary and Secondary School Famous Teachers, Discipline Leaders, and Backbone Teachers, as well as Provincial and Municipal Principal Ability Improvement Classes, Teaching Qualification Classes and other training projects. It has provided the on-the-job training to primary and secondary school teachers, civil servants and state-owned enterprise employees from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Tibet, Fujian and other provinces. In recent years, nearly 1,000 non-academic training sessions of various types have been carried out, with nearly 100,000 trainees.

Now the college is in a new stage of quality improvement and efficiency development. We will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on accelerating the construction of a learning society, and focus on serving the "Construction of New Minnan Normal University". We will strive to build a continuing education system and a quality assurance system that are compatible with our goal of building a high-level normal university that is "well-known in Southeast Asia, with distinctive characteristics and integrated development of multiple disciplines", and make positive contributions to building a flexible and open lifelong education system and promoting the construction of a learning society.