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Overseas Education College
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Overseas Education College

Approved by the Education Department of Fujian Province, the Overseas Education College (OEC) of Minnan Normal University was founded in 2009, in order to further adapt to modern educational development and internationalization, and to take full regional advantage of being in the open coastal city of Zhangzhou. The college is set to be responsible for MNNU’s international exchange and cooperation, international student admission and education, and overseas joint programs. In 2011, the functions of the International Affairs Office and the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office were separated from the General Office of the University and merged into OEC. Currently, OEC consists of 3 sections, namely Section of International Affairs, Section of Comprehensive Administration and Section of International Student Affairs Management. Since its foundation, OEC has promoted the establishment of partnership between MNNU and more than 80 universities in different countries, e.g. the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, etc. and China’s Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions. It has also conducted stable, friendly and cooperative ties with counterparts such as Louisiana Tech University, Pennsylvania State University, Seton Hall University and New York Institute of Technology of the USA, Plymouth University of the UK, Newcastle University andDeakinUniversityof Australia, Auckland University of New Zealand, BSK International Education Organization of German, Shimane University and Nara Saho College of Japan, Chiang Mai University of Thailand, Mariana Marcos State University of the Philippines.

OEC devotes itself to make full use of the university's advantages in location, resources and education features to recruit and cultivate international students. Up to now, nearly 300 students from more than 40 countries such as the United States, Russia, Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana have been enrolled in its Chinese language program (non-degree), undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs and doctoral programs. Academic education for international students covers 8 disciplines which are Literature, Economics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Pedagogy, Psychology, Law and Engineering. In the meanwhile, OEC has provided platforms of short-term Chinese language learning and Chinese culture experience for nearly 1000 overseas students. And over the past decade, it has held consecutively Fujian-Taiwan joint talent training programs and sent more than 1500 students from mainland to study in Taiwan. OEC has been striving to work on the solid implementation of Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions and projects, and has established strategic and cooperative partnerships with Australia Education Management Group, China Prospect Education Group and China Scholarship Council to promote international cooperation projects. In addition, OEC also hosts a special class for sending students to study in Japan, and carries out "1 + 1 Overseas Education Background Enhancement Project", "1 + 1 International Master Preparatory Project", "2 + X International Undergraduate Project" and "International Vocational Education -Undergraduate Project", in order to provide more opportunities for students of MNNU as well as more domestic students to study abroad.